"Coming back from dropping a relative off at NIU after a winter vacation weekend trip to Wisconsin. got too close to the side of the road and went into a deep ditch. The car was totally stranded. Called AAA and they couldn't find anyone. So stuck in snow with kid, vacation gear and a sick dog to boot. A very helpful police officer pulled up and within a minute called in Tri-State. Tri-State was there within 15 minutes. Operator was friendly an helpful, and had me back on the road in under 5 minutes. Great customer service and highly recommended."

Dominic T.

"My 16-year-old daughter's car broke down 2 days after getting her driver's license. Bockman's arranged for a tow and Tri-State was there within 1/2 hour. The tow driver could not have been nicer to her in this stressful situation. Thanks for your great service!"

Susan H.

"Towed my truck 8 miles. Service ETA was 2.39am. Actual 2.15am. Driver was friendly. I talked about my military career and there was a lot of stuff he didn't know about the US Armed Forces. Other than not getting his name... 0verall the Service was good."

John E.

"Excellent excellent :) great customer service, great attitude plus great tow drivers who dont get all hiffy and puffy when asked questions"

Lauren S.

"We broke down,8 pm on a Friday night, on Rt38 with -25 wind chill. These guys were there in 15 minutes and hauled us to Rochelle. Thanks Mike P. you did a great job."

Rick R.