"My 16-year-old daughter's car broke down 2 days after getting her driver's license. Bockman's arranged for a tow and Tri-State was there within 1/2 hour. The tow driver could not have been nicer to her in this stressful situation. Thanks for your great service!"

Susan H.

"We broke down,8 pm on a Friday night, on Rt38 with -25 wind chill. These guys were there in 15 minutes and hauled us to Rochelle. Thanks Mike P. you did a great job."

Rick R.

"May I start off with I know everyone at tri state and sm not going to argue with anyone, but all the negative reviews are from college kids whos parents waste four years of tuition to find out that they cant read a sign. They do not have permits to park in the lots they do so they are relocated when there are signs and the trucks are always out on patrol because, property managers have contracts with them. As for the drinking and pot accusations the police use tri state towing for their calls do you really think they would hire a bunch of potheads?"

Jim B.

"Excellent excellent :) great customer service, great attitude plus great tow drivers who dont get all hiffy and puffy when asked questions"

Lauren S.

"Towed my truck 8 miles. Service ETA was 2.39am. Actual 2.15am. Driver was friendly. I talked about my military career and there was a lot of stuff he didn't know about the US Armed Forces. Other than not getting his name... 0verall the Service was good."

John E.