"Where We're Always
On Our Tows"

24 Hour Emergency Towing by Tristate

Show Room White Truck 2

White Truck 2

Another picture of the white truck!

Tri-State Towing Red Truck
One of the hardest working trucks we've got. Great for quick jobs, and easy transport.Tri-State Towing Red Truck 2
Another angle of our red truck.White Truck
Our white truck with a carbed on it!White Truck 2
Another picture of the white truck!Second Red Truck
A heavier duty red truck than our other one for those real tough jobs!International Truck
Our Navistar International truck...Big, Heavy Duty, and gets the job done RIGHT!International Truck 2
A full shot of the Navistar International orange and white truck!Classic Tow
Classic Tow
Big Truck, Big Job
Big Truck for a Big Job, get it done and get it done right!Boat Towing
We can tow boats, too!